Case Study – Sports Coaching, Sports Clubs Management, BackEnd CRM APP
The client is a leading sports consulting and sports marketing firm . Any club which has the vision of providing top class practice and playing opportunities for its players must have a qualified, knowledgeable and professionalized Director of Coaching. A club operating without an appointed DoC is like a ship without a rudder - it will either go in circles or crash onto the rocks! The client offers experienced DoC’s who know how to handle the myriad of issues connected with club development and who are available to help your club move forward. The company was founded to provide an affordable way to have professional leadership and experience to back your program in key areas. We solve some of the most challenging issues in youth soccer – making your life easier as a board member or making your experience better as a coach, player or parent
Services Provided
  • Conceptualization and Strategy
  • SRS and Wireframing
  • Website Design and Development
  • Digital Strategy
Platforms used
  • WordPress
  • Adobe CC
  • Python
  • Angular JS
  • React JS
  • HTML5
and Wireframing Tools
  • Slack
  • Basecamp
  • SVN
  • Balsamiq
  • Adobe XD
Industry :
Sports Consulting, Sports Marketing
Project Timeline :
6 weeks with 1 developers, 1 QA, 1 Designer
Overview of the Solution
The core of the solution was a detailed CRM solution which works in the backend to provide detailed statistics on comparing teams and comparing players in different clubs The players and the teams are compared on different aspects and different parameters leading to a detailed analysis between teams and a head to head to comparison between players. Further the client also needed a clean interface punctuated with statistics in vibrant comparison colours. During a 6 weeks development and design phase, we designed a clean professional looking web interface with a robust CRM backend with complicated statistics laid out in detailed comparison tables
Design Aspects
The design guideline was to create a professional looking interface which would cater to a consulting image and also integrate it with a sports background. Hence we selected vibrant sports images tempered with a images of soccer and soccer clubs The backend was backed with a detailed CRM module which took different parameters, scores and play styles of different players. Further, it also took scores , strategy approach, attacking styles and other parameters of different teams and presented a comprehensive analysis of different teams and present one unified of performance of different teams for sports professionals, bodies and investors to take a decision
Content That Engages
The audience for the client were sports investment firms, sports fans and sports aficionados. The client wanted a web interface that showcased the statistics of the teams and players in an intuitive manner and also allowed easy showcase of detailed statistics. Hence the design and the content was focussed on showing the statistics with relevant symbols and graphs so that the pictorial representation could showcase the information in an easily understandable manner
The Final Result
The result was a smartly designed website with vibrant pictures of sports action and also tempered with soccer clubs action and game play. The statistics were showcased in smart pictorial graphs and bar graphs to make the comparisons easily understandable. This ensured that there was a significant increase in engagement with the users of the site and the site was heavily used by sports community in general
What They Say About Us
AARCHIK team responded to our bid for revamp with a thoughtful strategy. They worked effortlessly on the revamping exercise of our web and branding identity to provide us with an exceptional creative, web and marketing artifacts. The staff is very professional, talented and committed. - alerie R , Marketing Head

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