Case Study – Comprehensive School ERP
Schools don’t want to be left out of the digitization and hence have decided to take the plunge. The goodwill of a school is dependent on many factors some of which are unquantifiable but have a terrific impact on the goodwill. On the other hand parents, who want the best education for their children are ready to go to any length that would ensure their children a bright future. From the school and the parent’s perspective, one thing is common – Children, the children, who for the school are students and for the parents are the hope and dream of their future who they want to succeed in life. Hence the most important and unquantifiable parameter comes from the performance of the students. But how to track it and how to summarize it? School ERP is the answer.
Services Provided
  • Conceptualization and Strategy
  • SRS and Wireframing
  • Application Design and Development
  • Technical Support and Maintenance
Platforms used
  • Microsoft Dot Net Frameworks
  • SQL Server
  • Angular JS
  • React JS
  • Sharepoint Plugins
and Wireframing Tools
  • Slack
  • Basecamp
  • SVN
  • Balsamiq
  • Adobe XD
Industry :
Education, Schools
Project Timeline :
8 weeks with 2 developers, 1 QA, 1 Designer
Overview of the Solution
The client, a parent and also a trustee of a school had good reasons to come up with this application. As a managing trustee wanted to ensure
  • Performance of the school
  • Performance of the school staff
  • Performance of the students
  • Be aware about the parents’ concerns and address any issues that they faced from school or its staff As a parent, the client wanted to
  • Make sure that they attended school regularly
  • Make sure that their progress in school was improving
  • Know the performance of his children in exams
  • Areas of improvement for his children
  • Timely payment of fees
Problem Statement
Required a smart and easy to use application that ensured a proper picture for all roles involved. All this had to be done and implemented such that everyone had access to the data that is relevant to them only and also could be used accessed anytime and anywhere.
Content That Engages
Solution Features The solution was implemented by developing a software both – for web and also for mobile (Android and iOS).
  • A team of consisting of business analyst, domain expert and a parent was constituted
  • Relevant areas were demarcated for roles such as Trustees, Principal, Teachers, Parents
  • The top two roles could view all the details
  • Provision to capture images and send it was introduced so that homework for children of primary schools could be sent to parents and so that they are aware
  • Exam results were viewable to parents
  • Calendar view helped parents view the holidays and also leave taken by students
  • Leave application has been incorporated, so is fees payment
  • Parents grievances against teachers are only visible to principal and grievances against principal are visible to trustees only
  • Teachers complaints regarding student can be viewed through a complaint board and homework for students of the same class can be sent through just one click
The Final Result
This has been implemented in many schools and has impacted schools, teachers and parents in a positive manner.

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