We have been working with law firms in US and UK to help them reduce their process timelines, lower their staff costs, reduce errors and enable to provide nimble responses to the dynamic demands of their customers.

  1. Delegate support functions away from the legal team so they can focus on service and better meeting clients’ objectives
  2. Assist in the analysis and implementation of new process and reporting requirements.
  3. Technology development and process automation.
  4. First legal referral intake and case preparation.
  5. Perform manual clean up and QA steps more efficiently and at a lower cost.
  6. Clear backlogs in areas such as lien release, title curative and other areas. Perform offline follow up tasks (e.g. borrower package QA and fulfillment steps,realtor follow ups and publication confirmation) overnight and at lower costs.
  7. Reduce costs through efficient process designs and integrated use of our staff.
  8. Manage larger case loads on the same or lower FTE headcount while continuing to meet and exceed their client’s expectations.
We have helped law firms, mortgage firms to achieve:

Some of our clients have found that their paralegals are spending as much as 60%of their time on non-paralegal work, like finding documents, making copies, researching online information, assembling case documents, and requesting fees.
Here we can help as follows:
1. Load case information into your case management system.
2. Request appropriate documents by case type.
3. Handle your fee requests and obtain approval for fee requests.
4. Prepare a complete paperless file ready for your paralegal or litigation attorney to review and act.